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Why Your Email Address Keeps Ending Up On The Spam Blacklist

If you are an Internet marketer who makes money by selling products to clients online, being placed on the spam blacklist could spell the end for your company. The spam folder is like a virtual prison cell where your email address is sent when it's found to be in violation of one or more of the standards used to separate the messages that viewers want to see from those that they would rather keep out of their inbox. There are a lot of different blacklists but if you end up on these you most definitely need to reevaluate your strategy. Take a look at one of the main reasons why your email address repeatedly ends up on a spam blacklist.

You Haven't Gained Consent

Consent is all about getting permission before you do something. It's like going to a friend's house and asking, "Can I come in?" It would be rude for you to just barge your way through without an invitation.You should look at the email inbox in the same light.

Some websites have cookies embedded in them. These cookies are used to gather certain information about the people who visit the site. Depending on how high-tech the cookies are, they might be able to uncover the email address of the site users. When this happens the webmaster could automatically begin to send emails to the person in hopes that they will return and make a purchase.

The problem with this method is that if the person doesn't want to see your solicitations, they will constantly put the email in the trash the moment it shows up. If they do this repeatedly the email server will eventually catch on and your emails will go straight to the spam folder.

Gain the consent of the people you interact with by asking them to sign up to receive an email newsletter. Put the request in prominent letters at the top of your webpage so that it is clearly visible to anyone who lands on your site. If the person wants to hear from you, they can sign up. That way they won't be so quick to trash the correspondence that comes from you. This consent can help with your spam blacklist removal efforts.

Staying off the spam blacklist is absolutely essential if you want your Internet-based business to continue to grow. Do your part to ensure that you're not intruding on anyone's virtual property and you should be able to remain in the clear.