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Wayfinding: Making It Easier For Customers

If you're managing a large retail store or mall, you may already appreciate the fact that some people become lost while they're walking around. There are multiple entrances and destinations; getting turned around and confused isn't difficult, especially if it's someone's first visit. To ease concerns of customers and make your space more navigable for them, utilize th

How To Maximize Customer Service With Your Phone System

Good customer service isn't something that customers wish for any more; it is something that they expect to find when they're dealing with any company. When customers decide that your company's customer service is not up to their standard, they can easily decide to move to another company. A situation where customer service costs your business customers is not id

Tips For Improving Your Internet Connection's Performance

Your internet connection can be essential for your work, school and entertainment. Unfortunately, many people will fail to appreciate the steps that need to be taken to get the most from this utility while avoiding some of the common problems that can arise with being connected to the internet. Keep Your Computer Updated It is an unfortunate reality that there are man

How Efficient Is Your Office And Department Networking?

Whether you're a home office worker, a small business owner, or managing multiple departments that need business-critical systems, getting the network layout just right can be a challenge. Efficiency is a mixture of system performance and physical convenience, and you may not see both the benefits and drawbacks of certain systems until most of your equipment

Why Your Consulting Business Needs A 24-Hour Help Desk

Opening a consulting firm means working for yourself and working for clients. You will be responsible for setting up your own company, and you will be responsible for operating the contracts for clients that you sign on with your business. It can be a lot of work to operate as a consultant on your own, which is why you should recruit help and outsourcing when you can.