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Wayfinding: Making It Easier For Customers

If you're managing a large retail store or mall, you may already appreciate the fact that some people become lost while they're walking around. There are multiple entrances and destinations; getting turned around and confused isn't difficult, especially if it's someone's first visit. To ease concerns of customers and make your space more navigable for them, utilize th

Why You Pay More For Faster Internet Speeds

If your internet is rather slow, you may be tempted to upgrade to faster internet speed. However, the price may put you off of upgrading your service. Why, you may be wondering, would internet and phone companies charge so much for faster speeds? Well, actually, there are a lot of reasons why prices go up as internet speeds get faster. Method of Delivery Without a dou

Top 3 Reasons Homeowners Schedule Sewer Line Inspections With A Sewer Camera

A sewer camera is a very small camera that is attached to a long, strong cable. These types of cameras are used in sewer line inspections, which should be done by an experienced plumber. A sewer camera can ensure that a plumber is able to get a clear look at the condition of a sewer line that connects a house to the municipal sewer system. There are several reasons to

First-Time Home Owners (And Newly Weds) Should Buy A Security System With Remote Access

You and the love of your life just got married and bought your first home. Even better: you are going on your first vacation together and couldn't be any more excited. Unfortunately, you are worried about leaving your home and want to have a great time while you're gone. Install a security system with remote access to decrease your anxiety. Remote access has become on

How To Maximize Customer Service With Your Phone System

Good customer service isn't something that customers wish for any more; it is something that they expect to find when they're dealing with any company. When customers decide that your company's customer service is not up to their standard, they can easily decide to move to another company. A situation where customer service costs your business customers is not id