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Four Types Of Access Control Systems For Home Use

Access control systems are types of security systems that protect your home through the use of identification authorization. Four types of access control systems you can use in your home include keypad, key card, voice intercom, and biometric access.


This type of access control system does not have any type of key, or card. A keypad access control system is more reliable since there is no way you can lose your "key". In order to gain access, the user must use a unique multi-digit code. The number of digits in a code varies depending on the brands. Your locksmith will explain how to create your unique code for your home. And, if need be, how to change the code.

The appearance of the keypad can fit the aesthetic of any home since it is small and barely noticeable. Most units are climate control and cannot be disrupted by rain, or humidity.

Key Card

The key card access system uses a card instead of a key. By removing extra moving parts, it can increase your chances of entering your home faster. This means that you can quickly escape if you were being chased. Your locksmith will give you a unique card that will be read by the access system.

The appearance of the card reader is small, and unnoticeable. You will find that it will blend in with most decorations and will not stick out like a sore thumb.

For the most up to date security, choose RF security services for this project. Radio frequency is used to encode a key card, fob, or chip that doesn't need to be swiped. It works within a certain range of the door and is more resistant to degradation than magnetic swipe cards.

Voice Intercom

This access system is more popular for home that have a gate, or a very large home. It allows for two-way communication between the resident and the visitor. Some voice intercoms have a built-in camera that allows a live video feed between the resident and visitor. Depending the model of the system, and the setup of your home, you may also be able to "buzz" the visitor in by unlocking the doors automatically.

The system is sleek and does not stand it much. This meaning it can blend with the architecture of the home while not disturbing its theme.

Biometric Access

The biometric access is a more intense control system in that it requires a biological "key". Depending on the model, your locksmith will register your fingerprints, retinas, or face, into the system. The system has a higher rank of security since it requires that a person be physically present in order to unlock the door. The only drawback is that this system can be bulky, depending on the model.

For more information, contact a business that offers rf security services.