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Why You Pay More For Faster Internet Speeds

If your internet is rather slow, you may be tempted to upgrade to faster internet speed. However, the price may put you off of upgrading your service. Why, you may be wondering, would internet and phone companies charge so much for faster speeds? Well, actually, there are a lot of reasons why prices go up as internet speeds get faster.

Method of Delivery

Without a doubt, there are internet delivery methods that are responsible for speeds faster than other delivery methods. For example fiber optic delivery is one of the fastest means of connecting to the internet. The signals that travel over these tiny fiber optic strands move so fast that you could never witness their signal transmission with the naked eye if you were looking right at a strand in use. Keeping that technology in mind, you can begin to comprehend why faster internet costs more.

Greater Energy Requirements 

​The faster the internet signals have to travel, and the farther away they are from a transmission station, the greater the energy requirements. To keep up with electrical demands for higher internet speed, the service provider has to pay the electrical company to provide more electricity. That cost is passed on to the internet consumers, as is common for most services that cannot exist without supporting services from other types of service companies.

The Installation and Access Fees

Additionally, to get faster speed, your service provider has to send a technician out to the nearest transmission station, find the lines of service that feed into your home, and make adjustments to the service lines. Upgrades to the transmission box may also be in order, especially if the transmission box hosts a number of outdated or slower service lines. The service lines that run from the transmission box to your home may also have to be replaced to accommodate higher speeds based on the method of delivery. The wages of the technicians, and the access fees, elevate the cost of the internet speed upgrade.

​It Saves You Time and Money (Higher Price for Convenience)

Finally, like most things that provide a convenience for your life, you are charged for that convenience. You no longer have to worry about slow speeds and having to wait for work projects to upload or documents to download. Everything is done lightning quick, which saves time and in turn, saves you a lot of money because you are not wasting your time waiting for the internet to do what you ask of it.