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Wayfinding: Making It Easier For Customers

If you're managing a large retail store or mall, you may already appreciate the fact that some people become lost while they're walking around. There are multiple entrances and destinations; getting turned around and confused isn't difficult, especially if it's someone's first visit. To ease concerns of customers and make your space more navigable for them, utilize these wayfinding suggestions.

1-Use Multiple Approaches

Many retail stores and malls already have some kind of directory posted at specific spots in the space. However, these directory maps are often not enough, particularly if a customer can't locate one. Ensure that your retail space is making use of multiple areas to provide assistance. 

Using floors and walls can be especially helpful. No matter where in the retail shop someone is standing, they should be able to see some kind of marker which tells them where they are or how to get somewhere else. You might mark the floor with arrows or put pointers on the wall to assist shoppers.

2-Mark Areas with Color

Color is sometimes overlooked for wayfinding, but it can be a smart part of your overall wayfinding system. Perhaps all restroom markers can be green or apparel shops or areas can be marked blue; this gives people a quick way to note where they're going. Being able to see a color in the distance could be a welcome sight before confusion sets in.

3-Talk to Employees

Retail employees are likely the first people to be consulted when someone becomes lost in your store or mall. They might be able to direct the person because of their own knowledge, but if they don't quite know the entire layout, they may confuse the customer even more. Therefore, train employees to use the systems in place. Encourage individual department heads or retail store managers to discuss wayfinding so everyone can be more helpful.

4-Ask Customers

You might run informal surveys to discover what customers find most confusing about the store or mall's layout. Looking for feedback only strengthens your wayfinding systems so you better serve visitors. You can offer store-wide or mall-wide discounts to encourage customers to respond to the survey. Whatever feedback is offered, consider it seriously and implement some suggestions.

Good wayfinding systems are essential for retail shops and malls. Finding and using solid wayfinding system products from reputable vendors will enable you to be more responsive and attentive to customer needs.